The Division weekly Vendor reset: RPK-74 E & Tactical ACR

By Shabana Arif, Monday, 11 July 2016 10:43 GMT

Last week’s reset bought a whole host of new goodies with it.

Alex talks us through what’s on offer for the week, sifting through the new offerings for Gear Scores of 204 and above only.

Kicking things off with DZ02 blueprints, here’s what you can pick up with a 204 Gear Score and a DZ Rank of 50.

  • Firearms Gloves Blueprint – costs 118,829 DZ Funds
  • Electronics Vest Blueprint – costs 120,511 DZ Funds
  • Firearms Holster Blueprint – costs 120,290 DZ Funds
  • Stamina Gloves Blueprint – costs 118,877 DZ Funds

The DZ03 safe room has started selling a GS 229 weapon and this week it’s the Police Mk17, DZ rank 90. Alex doesn’t think it’s worth splashing the cash. The weapon blueprints both have a GS 204 and DZ rank 75, and Alex isn’t entirely enamoured with those either.

  • Police Mk17 – costs 259,839 DZ Funds
  • Black Market RPK-74 E Blueprint – 215,374 DZ Funds
  • Tactical ACR Blueprint – 214,443 DZ Funds

In DZ04 you can grab two level 32, DZ Rank 50 Gear Mod Bluerints.

  • Electronics Gear Mod Blueprint – 235,232 DZ Funds
  • Performance Gear Mod Blueprint – 238,187 DZ Funds

Over in DZ05 you can get your weapons mods, both level 32 and DZ Rank 50.

  • Vertical Grip – Wolf Grey Blueprint – 142,009 DZ Funds
  • Extended Magazine Blueprint – 141,574 DZ Funds

The Extended Magazine Blueprint is a must-have, increasing the DPS for your weapons, so if you haven’t already picked it up, now’s the time to do it.

Leaving the Dark Zone to visit the Base of Operations, there are two Gear Score 204 weapons available.

  • Enhanced PP-19 – 629 Phoenix Credits
  • Double Barrel Sawed Off – 674 Phoenix Credits

The Terminal vendor is also flogging two GS 204 weapons for your perusal.

  • Classic M1A – 668 Phoenix Credits
  • SOCOM Mk20 SSR – 670 Phoenix Credits

For those of you on PC and Xbox One, you can visit the Underground vendor to buy a G36 C with Gear Score 229 that requires Underground Rank 40, for 993 Phoenix Credits.

You can also pick up the First Wave X-45 wist GS 204, Und. Rank 20, for 501 Phoenix Credits.

There is a nerf for the G36 C coming this week, so you my want to wait until the update before you commit to dropping any Phoenix Credits on it.

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