The beautiful filth of The Division: Underground, in stunning 4K

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 06:21 GMT

The Division is the only game that makes piles of garbage bags look good.

The Division: Underground DLC added some new environments to post-viral incident New York, and to our pleasure they’re just as beautifully filthy as the streets above.

This must be the only game in the world where you can be entranced by the light of severed, sparking electrical cable playing over a literal trash pile, or pause to admire the effect of a well-placed rotting mattress. Plenty of post-apocalyptic games strew litter about, but only Ubisoft Massive sits there agonising until each and every ground-in gum stain is a minor masterpiece.

You can thank YouTuber VicenteProD for the marvellous The Division: Underground tour above. Be sure to hit the settings button and ramp the quality up as far as your bandwidth and screen resolution allow; it’s worth it. Impressively, this was all captured the hard way, as the recent update broke Hattiwatti’s Cinematic Tool.

The Division: Underground is available now for PC and Xbox One, and rolling out to PS4 on August 2. The Division update 1.3 hits PS4 today, though.

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