Paragon improves Daily Win system and adds Weekly Quests

By Shabana Arif, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 10:37 GMT

If your busy schedule has been impacting your Paragon play time, you’ll love the new system.


Paragon‘s Daily Win system has had a much needed overhaul to cater to players who may not have the time to log in each day and play a few matches to get their win.

In the old system, your Daily Win bonus would be rewarded for your first win of the day, but if you had a bad few rounds before having to log out to deal with pressing real life business, you’d have no win and no bonus. Sad times all round.

The new system presents you with a locked chest for every day you log in, allowing you to bank up to a total of three. With each win, you get to open a chest in your inventory, so if you absolutely sucked and didn’t have time to get your head in the game, you can try again the next day.

A new Weekly Quest feature has also been introduced, with four random objectives that need a particular playstyle or hero to complete. You only need to tick off one to get the reward of “weekly card packs from the past,” giving you a chance to get your hands on any cards you might have missed that you had your eye on.

If you want to plough on to do all of the objectives, you’ll get a random card of a given affinity for each one you wrap up.

But what if you’ve been too busy to finish the weekly?

“No worries,” reads the update. “Once the time expires, you have a choice: 1) continue working toward completing your current quest, or 2) abandon your current quest and begin a new one with different objectives and different rewards.”

There will also be some new rewards which boil down to “11 random cards, 2 Card Packs, 550 Coins, several boosts, lifesteal cards, penetration cards, mana regen cards, minor damage cards, and a ton of specific cards to help build a deck around,” if you’ve been “playing Paragon for some time.”

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