What’s for sale in The Division this week? Best blueprints for Underground and vanilla

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 4 July 2016 03:14 GMT

Check out the goodies on offer in The Division this week.

The Division changed a lot when update 1.3 and Underground arrived, but some things remain the same – each week delivers a stack of new stock at vendors in the Dark Zone and Base of Operations.

The Dark Zone vendors no longer have anything especially useful for endgame The Division players, but if you’re not there yet there’s some stuff worth looking at.

In DZ02 you’ll find an Electronics best and backpack, and Stamina gloves and kneepads. The weapons vendor at DZ03 has quite a nice range – a LOVA-C and a Black Market M60 E6. Perhaps most interestingly there’s a a Classic FAL – the actual weapon, not just a blueprint – but while it’s a guaranteed 229 weapon the talents aren’t so great and you need to be Dark Zone 90 to purchase it.

There’s a Performance gear mod at DZ04, which is dull, but DZ05 has a scope and a muzzle brake which might help you bump up a pre-endgame build a little. DZ06 has some gear pieces from the new sets (look for these after update 1.3 drops, PS4 players) but they’re not at endgame spec, so don’t bother unless you’re a long way off.

As for the Base of Operations: you’ll find things have changed a little, so you might need to run around getting a handle on how the vendors have switched things up since The Division 1.3 rolled out. The weapons on offer this week include the Classic M1A and Police MK17. Neither weapon is especially worthwhile, although the MK17 is useful for Alpha Bridge builds.

Players with the The Division: Underground DLC have access to a new vendor, who’s offering the Paratrooper SVD and Surplus SVD. You’ll need to have worked up a decent Underground rank to purchase these. Arekkz doesn’t offer opinion on either weapon, beyond noting that the Surplus SVD is a “halfway house”, so think about the talents on show in the video above before committing.

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