Fallout 4 Beast Master mod lets you have a Deathclaw as a companion

By Shabana Arif, Monday, 4 July 2016 14:51 GMT

You can call it Cupcake and kit it out in your best bandana.

There are so many mods for Fallout 4 out there, but this one lets you live out your dream of hitting the open road with your most misunderstood and fatally dangerous friend.

The Beast Master mod lets you tame animals and beasts that have been caught with Wasteland Workshop cages, “or on Brahmin or Junkyard dogs brought to your settlement,” but just like in real life, you can’t tame people. Or cats.

You can take your new friend out with any other companions you’re towing around, and deck them out with accessories, saddlebags, a splash of paint – the works.

They even have happiness levels, and should you really piss them off, you’re in for a falling out, which is tantamount to a disemboweling if you’re hanging out with Fluffy the Deathclaw.

You can find out more about the mod here.

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