Paragon releases Khaimera among its hero roster

By Marshall Lemon, Wednesday, 22 June 2016 15:30 GMT

Khaimera, the powerful duelyst, is now available in Paragon’s early access roster.

Paragon releases Khaimera among its hero roster

Khaimera, Paragon’s newly revealed hero, has just been added to the early access version of the game. This hero is a powerful duelyst who supports a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.

With a recommended team role of jungle, Khaimera’s powerful melee attacks can make short work of individual heroes. He also comes with a Spirit Regeneration passive ability, which grants health for each basic attack on an enemy. Khaimera also has a leap attack which stuns one target while dealing damage across a nearby area, and “Unleash” which grants maximum attack speed for five attacks. Finally, Khaimera has a Cull Ultimate ability which channels his full power for devastating attacks on an enemy.

Paragon’s open beta will launch for PC and PlayStation 4 on August 16.

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