I Am Setsuna E3 2016 trailer sets up story, shows off gorgeous art style

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 25 May 2016 03:02 GMT

The old school stylings of I Am Setsuna may set your heart a-flutter.

I Am Setsuna E3 2016 trailer sets up story, shows off gorgeous art style

The latest trailer for I Am Setsuna has released in advance of E3 2016, which is a very sensible strategy given how fragile and beautiful little things get lost in the triple-A hype train come June.

Take a look to see how Square Enix has reinterpreted the classic JRPG for the modern era. Yes sirree, this one really plays up to nostalgia. The overmap. The field screen and dialogue bubbles. The way the characters follow you like little ducks. The female character with a terrible fate who serves as a fulcrum for the player’s emotions. I’d better go have elevenses; my cynicism is showing again.

Anyway, I Am Setsuna launches in July for PC and PS4. Previously known as Project Setsuna, it’s the first release from Square Enix’s new Tokyo RPG Factory, a team established specifically to provide the kind of JRPG experiences staffers remember fondly, but backed by modern technology.

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