The Division 1.2 update: New gear sets detailed

By Shabana Arif, Monday, 23 May 2016 09:00 GMT

Tomorrow’s update brings four new gear sets with it. Take a look.

the division updat 1.2 gear set

The Division 1.2 update: New gear sets detailed

The Division 1.2 update is introducing some big changes to the game, like Hijack Extractions and new mission types, but more importantly, there are four new gear sets that are designed to affect your play style as well as bolstering your stats.

The first set is Hunter’s Faith, for those who prefer long range combat. Lone Star is a DPS gear set, while Final Measure is a set geared for defense. The last set is Predator’s Mark, a new support set.

Details on the sets are below. Which of these takes your fancy?

Hunter’s Faith – Long range

  • 2) 20% Marksmen Rifle critical hit damage
  • 3) 20% Damage to elite
  • 4) Every time you land a shot depending on the distance to the target, it will give you Damage Resistance against enemy weapon damage – you can go above 75% Damage Mitigation. The additional armor disappears after one bullet hits you

Lone Star – DPS

  • 2) 100% Ammo Capacity
  • 3) 1000 LMG Damage
  • 3) 1000 Shotgun Damage
  • 4) Every time you holster a weapon it will automatically be reloaded

Final Measure – Defensive

  • 2) 50% Exotic Damage Resilience
  • 3) 15% Protection from Elites
  • 4) When you you damage a player or an NPC with a grenade, you get a defuse buff, that allows you to defuse enemy grenades. When you defuse an enemy grenade it also gives you a grenade. (Also works with mortars in Falcon Lost)

Predator’s Mark – Support

  • 2) 20% Optimal Range
  • 3) 800 Assault Rifle Damage
  • 3) 700 Pistol Damage
  • 4) Every time you hit 10 Bullets without switching the target, will apply bleed to the target. The bleed damage will be 100% of the damage already done by the bullets

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