Dark Souls 3 : try the “Buffalo Bill” invader trap

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 23 May 2016 03:48 GMT

Probably worth rolling an alt for.

Dark Souls 3 : try the “Buffalo Bill” invader trap

Dark Souls 3 seems to produce endless creative ways to alarm and amuse your PvP opponents. YouTuber Foster has discovered a pretty good one: phantoms can’t open certain doors, such as the one near the Warriors of Sunlight sigil in Undead Settlement.

Having been tricked into falling through a hole into an inescapable room, many invaders will just give up and crystal out. Sometimes things get a bit more interesting, though; one of the invaders in this video takes it all very cheerfully and proceeds to eat the phantoms the host feeds them. Stick with it past the initial minutes – the narrative spun out of the minimal and weird interactions available to players is a real emotional rollercoaster.

The reference is, of course, to Buffalo Bill, the primary antagonist of 1991 film Silence of the Lambs. I have to explain this because demographically there’s a significant chance most of you were born after it came out.

What’s your best tactic for dealing with invaders? Hiding, camouflage and pulling the ethernet cable out the back of the console seem to be favourite tactics. I personally am a big fan of “sit down and wait for death”.

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