The Division: Caduceus High End assault rifle review – is it any good?

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 27 April 2016 21:04 GMT

The High End assault rifle Caduceus seems to be a very popular weapon with The Division players, but is it right for you? Time to find out.


The Division: Caduceus High End assault rifle review – is it any good?

Like other named weapons, it comes with a fixed set of Talents and skin which cannot be changed. There is also an unnamed variant of the rifle in-game. The Caduceus is intended to be used at close and medium ranges and is based on the real-world equivalent, the SCAR-L. This weapon was originally intended to replace the M4A1 and others currently in SOCOM service. This was nixed for a different Mk model.

Caduceus cannot be crafted, instead, it is known to randomly drop from named bosses outside the Dark Zone, and through bosses when playing Hard and Challenge Mode missions.

The drop will feature varying damage ranges, so what you see in Arekkz’s video above may differ from the one you acquire in-game.

You’ll learn all about the Caduceus’ damage, range and much more when you watch the video. This should help you decide whether it’s worth the chase or equipping if it drops.

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