Dark Souls 3 summon troll gets their comeuppance

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 22 April 2016 07:33 GMT

Dark Souls 3 is punishing – quite literally. Spoilers ahead.


Dark Souls 3 summon troll gets their comeuppance

Dark Souls 3 troll Subhazard shared a video of their exploits feeding would-be co-op partners to the pair of Sulyvahn’s Beasts in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

These two nasty enemies are among the toughest foes you’ll face, and seemingly impossible to cheese, but they don’t respawn, and guard the Aldrich Faithful PvP covenant, so plenty of players are willing to have a go.

Lure them one by one and you and a co-op pal can take ’em down, easy. I’m sure that’s what all the summon phantoms in this video thought they were in for when they stepped onto that ladder – but that’s not what they got, as you’ll soon see. (The Mound-maker who declines to descend is my favourite.)

There’s absolutely no reason to do this, as there’s no reward for killing off friendly summons: it’s pure trolling. But stick with it till the end to see an unlikely hero put an end to the troll’s activities, possibly saving the life of the poor Sunbro below.

This all made me laugh much harder than I should have. The freeform nature of Souls multiplayer leads to players creating all sorts of games of their own, from farming protection phantoms to honourable duelling associations. It’s pretty wild.

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