The Division files datamined to reveal loot drop rates and more

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 21 April 2016 10:30 GMT

Some of the inner-workings of The Division revealed through some careful analysing of game files.


The Division files datamined to reveal loot drop rates and more

Source files for The Division have reportedly been datamined leading to an influx of new information about how the game doles out loot in its various activities, the types of rarities you could get, and some details about upcoming daily and weekly assignments.

The number of available files is pretty big, and Reddit user Ced23Ric has broke down some of what’s found within.

According to Ced23Ric’s interpretation, Scavenging only adds a 10 percent chance for a third item to drop from chests. Scavenging also does not affect material chests and crates. The one effect it has is an increased chance for unnamed mobs to drop better loot.

For those farming the Falcon Lost incursion for certain items, the APC can apparently drop holsters, backpacks, and chest pieces for all sets except Nomad. Nomad kneepads and gloves will always be found at the Dark Zone church vendor, according to these findings.

For named weapons, the Midas has a 5 percent chance to drop from named enemies in the Dark Zone. For the Caduceus, it similarly has a 5 percent chance to drop from named enemies outside the Dark Zone.

Some of the data pertains to the recently added Supply Drops, which can apparently only drop gloves for Striker, Sentry’s Call and Tactician sets. Most of the Nomad set can also drop from them, outside of holsters and kneepads

In terms of drops from from hard and challenge mode bosses, Ced23Ric says, “Every boss, regardless of which mission, has an equal chance to drop any item, all 6 weapons and all six armour pieces.

“There is currently no specific loot tables for these bosses other than those gear items. If you want to grind a boss for X weapon, pick whatever boss is fastest.”

The findings also revealed a list of the weekly and daily assignments that will be rotating from now until August and September.

You can read the full thing through the link. Some of these details may not actually reflect what’s happening in the live game, but they offer an interesting insight nonetheless.

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