John Romero’s new shooter will be revealed on Monday

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 21 April 2016 01:49 GMT

DOOM, Quake and, uh, Daikatana designer John Romero is back in the saddle.


John Romero’s new shooter will be revealed on Monday

After years of working on social and mobile games, the id Software Alumni seems to have made a return to the shooter genre.

Earlier this week, Romero as good as confirmed rumours of an imminent shooter reveal, and now there’s this teaser video. It ends by promising a reveal on Monday, April 25 and directs viewers to the Night Work Games website.

The site confirms Night Work games is a new developer based in Galway, Ireland – where the Romeros make their home – and that yes, its first project is a first-person shooter.

That Romero is making a return to this scene is far from surprising. He’s been talking about getting back to it since at least March 2012, and a month later confirmed he had put together a plan for a shooter with MMO elements – something that seemed far more astounding in the pre-Destiny and The Division era. He even said he had started work on a new shooter back in August 2014. A month later he was back again, talking about as yet unexplored opportunities in the shooter genre.

Wondering if Romero still has what it takes? Maybe check out his latest DOOM level, which released after a 21 year drought.

If you’re interested in what Romero’s been up to since Quake – and indeed, what’s happened to the whole founding id team – why not revisit our feature on the dissipation of id Software?

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