Destiny’s Challenge of the Elders: How to beat Seditious Mind

By Paul Davies, Tuesday, 19 April 2016 02:30 GMT

Watch the the swirly black thing. Shoot him in the face.


How to beat Seditious Mind

This page is part of our guide to Challenge of the Elders, the Prison of Elders end-game activity included as part of Destiny’s April update. It’s updated every Tuesday and includes all the information you need on the weekly reset, modifiers and bosses.

Joining the Vex Axis ranks of Sekrion Nexus Mind and The Undying Mind, this Prison of Elders denizen brings its Taken powers to bear.

This battle takes place in the familiar Vex arena, although besieged by Taken-ised Goblins and Hobgoblins. You won’t run into any Minotaur Taken, which makes things slightly easier. Seditious Mind takes up position on the raised dais, where it is vulnerable at all times.

It’s possible to maintain near constant DPS, with little to worry about from the encroaching Taken Vex. They are more inclined to tethering each other to boost shields than standard gatherings, so to prevent being overrun, have one Guardian spotting those for the team. You’re wasting time and ammo otherwise.

As per usual with the Vex bosses, the far left corner as you exit the airlock is the safest place to dig in. The Taken Vex will funnel down just a couple of channels as opposed to causing problems from all sides. There’s one twist with the Seditious Mind that everyone needs to keep watch for, which is a huge light bomb that detonates overhead causing instant death.

Before this light bomb detonates, a huge black cloud/swirl appears directly above, with a marked area (red ring) below. You’ve a few seconds to clear out of the way before it goes off, the Seditious Mind plants these were it expects you’ll run into trouble while escaping.

Pay attention to where the Taken Vex are building up and you’ll all be fine.

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