Fallout 4’s quick loot system can be modded into Fallout: New Vegas

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 9 April 2016 14:45 GMT

If you still fire up Fallout: New Vegas on occasion, you might want to take a look at this new mod.

fallout_4_concept art

The quick loot system in Fallout 4 provides the player a look at what’s in a stash or body when walking up to it. This means there’s now need to click on the object anymore.

If you are a Skyrim player, a similar mod adding Fallout 4’s quick loot feature is available courtesy of himika. If not, hit up the Nexus Mod page for it and have a look.

The mod for New Vegas works in a similar manner. Modder Xilandro has updated it since posting earlier this week with a few bug fixes and plans to continue fixing any issue before adding new features.

Bethesda previously stated the Creation Kit for Fallout 4 should arrive sometime between the first and second DLC releases in April. The first two content drops Automatron and Wasteland Workshop have already arrived, so hopefully we can expect the mod tools to release sometime before Far Harbor hits in May.

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