GTA 5 vs Predator video features the worst hunting trip ever

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 15 March 2016 16:52 GMT

One sunny day, GTA 5’s Trevor, Michael and Franklin headed out to the countryside with their hunting rifles.

It was deer season after all, and the men were excited over the prospect of making tasty jerky out of their harvest. Plus, Trevor was adamant about adding a new mount to his collection of heads in the living room. He was hoping for at least a 10 pointer.

It was the perfect day, really. The weather was cool, the breeze downwind, and the area rife with bucks in rut. Little did they know, the excursion would be the most unpleasant male bonding experience of their lives.

A dangerous creature was lurking the woods, and it wasn’t a bear, wolf or cougar. It was a predator of the worst sort – and one which was doing some hunting of its own.

YouTuber Duggy happened to be in the area, and filmed the horrifying events. Luckily, he was unarmed. This allowed him the opportunity to show the word the terror which awaits those who venture into the forest outside of Los Santos.

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