Dark Souls 3: boss soul transposition guide

By Staff
6 March 2016 04:06 GMT

Trade in your hard-fought boss souls for sweet loot.

Dark Souls 3: boss soul transposition guide

Dark Souls 3 sees the return of boss souls – valuable items dropped by major foes. You can use these items from your inventory screen for a big wad of cash, but it’s a terrible waste to do so. The better plan is to keep them for transposition, turning them in for loot with unique properties you can’t find anywhere else.

We’ll be gradually posting details of what’s available for transposition in this article. We will be mentioning bosses by name and showing text from the game, so if you want to go in spoiler free, look away now.

Transposition is unlocked after you defeat the second boss and return a key item to an NPC in Firelink Shrine. As well as handing over the boss soul in question, there’s a fee for most transposition items – which varies from laughably small to painfully expensive.

Most boss souls can be transposed into one of two options, so you’ll need to play through at least twice to collect them all. Think carefully about your choices, as there’s no going back. There are some exceptions with only one option, and in one instance you can collect two of the same type of boss soul.

So what can you get for your boss souls? Let’s take a look. Many of these items and weapons are worth planning a build around, so we’ll list the most egregious attribute requirements as well as points of interest, but all the information is in the images – click to enlarge and get the full picture.

Vordt’s Great Hammer

Requires 30 strength, but has C-grade strength scaling. Weapon art allows for a temporary boost to poise and a reduction in damage received. Inflicts frostbite status. Trade in the soul of Vordt of the Boreal Valley; there’s no extra charge.



Pontiff’s Left Eye

Ring. No requirements. Restores HP with successive attacks. Trade in the soul of Vordt of the Boreal Valley; there’s no extra charge.



Demon’s Greataxe

Requires 28 strength, 12 intelligence and 12 faith, and has C-grade strength scaling. Weapon art is a unique fire attack. Deals fire damage in addition to physical. Trade in the soul of Demon; there’s no extra charge.



Demon’s Fist

Requires 20 strength with D-grade strength scaling. Weapon art is a unique fire spin attack with optional ground pound. Deals fire damage in addition to physical. Trade in the soul of Demon; there’s no extra charge.



Hollowslayer Greatsword

Requires 18 dexterity and 14 strength, has C-grade dexterity scaling. Is “particularly effective” against hollows. Weapon art provides two attacks useful for duelling shielded foes. Trade in soul of Rotted Greatwood and 1000 souls.



Arstor’s Spear

Requires 19 dexterity with C-grade dexterity setting. Weapon art punctures shields, but main draw is poison status afflict and health boost after defeating enemies. Trade in soul of Rotted Greatwood and 1000 souls.



Crystal Hail

Sorcery requiring 18 intelligence, similar to that used by Crystal Sage boss. Trade in soul of Crystal Sage and 1,500 souls.



Crystal Sage’s Rapier

Requires 18 dexterity but boasts C-grade intelligence scaling, so makes an excellent weapon for mages. Boosts item discovery and deals magic damage. Weapon art provides two variant fencing moves. Trade in soul of Crystal Sage and 1,500 souls.



Boulder Heave

Pyromancy requiring 18 faith. Throw boulder from mouth. Very surprising to encounter. Trade in soul of Stray Demon; no extra charge.



Havel’s Ring

Fantastic ring for heavy hitters; increases maximum equip load. No requirements. Trade for Stray Demon soul and 5000 souls.



Wolf Knight’s Greatsword

Requires 24 strength and 18 dexterity with C-grade strength scaling. Weapon art provides two unique moves from a stance. Trade for soul of Abyss Watchers and 10,000 souls.



Farron Greatsword

Entirely unique weapon type combining dagger and greatsword. Requires 18 strength and 20 dexterity, with C-grade dexterity scaling. Weapon art allows bearer to parry and riposte with the dagger. Trade for soul of Abyss Watchers and 10,000 souls.



Old King’s Great Hammer

One of the most powerful striking weapons, Old King’s Great Hammer requires a whopping 30 strength – and because it does additional fire damage, ten faith. Its weapon art is almost unique, increasing poise and allowing you to open pools of lava on the ground around you. Requires Soul of Old Demon King; no other cost.



Black Serpent

A powerful pyromancy requiring 15 intelligence and 15 faith, Black Serpent unleashes tentacles of dark flame. Trade for Soul of High Lord Wolnir.



Wolnir’s Holy Sword

Presumably acquired before Wolnir descended into the abyss. Requires 15 each of strength, dexterity and faith. It allows the wielder to cast a shockwave. Trade for Soul of High Lord Wolnir.



Greatsword of Judgment

Deals magic damage and can unleash dark damage through unique weapon art. Requires 17 strength and 15 dexterity, with no remarkable scaling. Trade for Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn and 3,000 souls.



Profaned Greatsword

Deals physical damage, but weapon art adds fire damage. Requires 22 strength and 10 dexterity, with C grade strength scaling. Costs 3,000 souls in addition to Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn.



Yhorm’s Great Machete

A huge weapon requiring a whopping 38 strength to wield, with C grade strength scaling in base form. Greataxe with Warcry weapon art. Trade for Soul of Yhorm the Giant.



Yhorm’s Greatshield

Yhorm’s tale is tragic indeed, but if you have the 40 strength required to wield this Greatshield, yours may be happier. Boasts 73 stability, 100% physical damage absorption and good magic and elemental absorption. Trade for Soul of Yhorm the Giant.



Lifehunt Scythe

Miracle requiring 22 faith. Uses 25 FP and takes up one slot. Steals HP while damaging foes with ethereal scythe. Costs 5,000 souls as well as Soul of Aldrich.



Darkmoon Longbow

Unique bow dealing magic as well as physical damage. Requires 16 dexterity and 10 intelligence, with C grade intelligence scaling. Weapon art allows you to enchant arrows. Costs 5,000 souls in addition to Soul of Aldrich.



More coming soon.

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