Dark Souls 3: Keep Ruins to Farron Perimeter

By Staff
5 March 2016 09:47 GMT

Enough faffing about! Well, a tiny bit more faffing about.


Dark Souls 3: Keep Ruins to Farron Perimeter

It’s time to enter Farron proper. Return to the Keep Ruins bonfire and go straight down the ramp and through the big gates.

There’s a tempting item glow on the right, but ignore it for now and take the slightly hard-to-see path on the left. At the top you’ll find a shaman waiting to make life difficult; murder him before he can scream, and then you’ll find it easy to dispatch (or just ignore) his corvian friends waiting below. You can then return to grab the Shriving Stone without fear of attack.

As you advance you may notice you can drop down to a previously inaccessible ledge in the swamp; there’s nothing here, but it does provide a handy place to snipe the basilisks if you want to make the optional treasure hunt from before a bit easier. There’s an even better opportunity in a minute, though.

Move on up the path, but very slowly and cautiously, until you see signs of a battle ahead. A couple of Darkwraiths are raising hell among a pack of satyrs, and the last thing you want is to have them both charge you with or without everything else here, which happens if you run up this hill too fast. With any luck you can avoid them both as you hug the right wall and edge your way to a stone corridor.

Assuming you make it to the corridor, move on forward to activate the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire. Before we make a run on the boss, let’s clear this little section.

Kill the three satyrs on the path ahead. Around the bend you’ll find a Giant Crystal Lizard; defeat it to collect a Titanite Scale and the Great Magic Weapon spell. Open the gate to unlock a shortcut to Halfway Fortress and Crucifixion Woods; watch out for the Crucifixion Victim just ouside, who sometimes aggors.

Head back towards the bonfire now and search the left wall (facing the bonfire) for a gap, near where you fought the first of the three satyrs. You can optionally drop down to collect Atonement and a Hollow Gem – if you don’t mind a trek back through the swamp. It’s a great opportunity to snipe a bunch of basilisks and grab the loot in the cave they guard near here.

In any case, make your way back to the Fallon Perimeter bonfire and suit up for boss battle.

Continue via Fallon Perimeter to Abyss Watchers.

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