Cult favourite shmup Deathsmiles hits Steam next month

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 23 February 2016 02:07 GMT

Classic CAVE side-scroller Deathsmiles will finally be available to the PC massive.


Deathsmiles is a 2007 shoot-em-up with all the calling cards that make fans of the genre rave about CAVE games. Originally released in arcades and ported to Xbox 360, it’s been available on mobile for a couple of years now.

While a new-gen released is probably too much to hope for, Degica has announced a PC port will launch on Steam on March 10. It doesn’t sound like we can expect significant new features, but the Steam build does support local co-op, which is nice, and for the first week you’ll receive the soundtrack for free, too.

If this is your first go round, you’re in for six game modes (including Mega Black Label), five angelic characters each with her own familiar, the famous Counter system, non-linear stage progression, and a whole host of gothic horror-inspired enemies like ghosts, demons, man-eating plants and giant cows.

Founded by Toaplan staffers, CAVE is the legendary Japanese studio responsible for bullet hell titles like Mushihimesama, DoDonPachi and Espgaluda. If you’re a fan you may be pleased to learn that two new arranged Mushihimesama soundtracks are on sale as of today, at 20% off. You can grab ’em, and the game of course, on Steam.

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