Adr1ft and Clair de Lune make the perfect pair in this new trailer

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 20 February 2016 17:20 GMT

Adr1ft is rather gorgeous on its own. But when you combine such loveliness with Claude Debussy’s tranquil Clair de Lune, you’d assume the game would be a pleasant, relaxing experience. But you’d be wrong.

Why? If you haven’t been keeping tabs on the game, in Adr1ft, you play an astronaut who’s awoken in space to find yourself all alone, surrounded by destruction.

While looking for clues the debris of the ruined space station, you’ll need to contend with depleting oxygen levels and other hazards.

Don’t sound very “relaxing” does it?

The first-person sci-fi exploration adventure from Adam Orth’s studio Three One Zero will launch for Oculus Rift and PC on March 28.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases will follow shortly.

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