Street Fighter 5: Rainbow Mika moves list

By Alex Donaldson
15 February 2016 08:09 GMT

An unpredictable V-Trigger and tricksy moves. Meet R. Mika and friend.


Street Fighter 5: Rainbow Mika moves list

Another grappler but from a significantly different school to Zangief, Mika has far much more battlefield mobility and doesn’t have any of those tricky full 360 degree motion moves. She packs a similar raw power but is far more focused on being tricky, especially with her deliberately unpredictable V-Trigger.


V-Skill: Mic Performance (MP, MK Simultaneously)


Mika works her wrestler persona, pulling out her Microphone to deliver a ringside speech. The longer you hold down the buttons, the more powerful her throws and grapples become. The speech powers her up in stages and takes a while to finish, but it can power up moves to take over two thirds of an opponent’s health if powered up significantly. The performance can take one hit without being stopped, and letting go of the buttons makes Mika toss her mic at the ground, which can also hit her foes.

V-Trigger: Nadeshiko (HP, HK Simultaneously when V-Trigger Gauge is full)


Nadeshiko isn’t actually a move – it’s a person, Mika’s tag-team partner. The direction held when activating V-Trigger will determine what direction Nadeshiko flies in from in order to help Mika out:

  • Simply pressing HP/HK makes her body splash from above
  • Holding Back + HP/HK makes her dropkick from in front
  • Holding Forward + HP/HK makes her dropkick from behind

Opponents won’t quite know where she’s going to come from, making this an ideal skill for tripping them up.

Special Moves

Shooting Peach (Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)


R. Mika launches herself butt-first at the opponent, travelling some of the screen as she does. The button used determines how far she flies, plus how devastating the impact is. The EX version starts with a nasty punch instead, and hits three times.

Wingless Airplane (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)


A graceful jump into the air that is an impressive anti-air attack – if it meets an airporne opponent, Mika wraps her legs around them and slams them back to the ground. There’s an EX version which hits multiple times and has great range.

Rainbow Typhoon (Half Circle Back + Punch)


A standard-issue grapple, Mika grabs hold of the opponent by their feet, spins them in a circle and tosses them away. They’ll always be thrown to the opposite side they were on before, meaning you reverse directions – ideal if you’re getting backed into the corner. The EX version also calls in Nadeshiko’s help for extra damage. (Plus, it looks really cool.)

Brimstone (Half Circle Back + Kick)


Mika flips over the opponent then tosses them behind her again in yet another fairly standard grapple. Again, the EX version also involves Nadeshiko. This move won’t reverse your directions, which is one crucial way it differs from the Rainbow Typhoon.

Peach Assault (Quarter Circle Backwards x2 + Punch)


The only thing better than one backside-based all-out-assault (as seen in the ‘Shooting Peach’ move) is, well, TWO. Mika and Nadeshiko team up for this grapple finisher. As a grapple, you’ll want to be up close when you activate this, as it has a fairly small range on the initial grab.

Unique Moves

These moves are ‘normal moves’, but are executed when pressing certain button combinations or sequences, and often have specific uses and properties. Try them in training mode to see what they’re useful for!

  • Stomp Chop (Light Kick > Medium Punch)
  • Divebomb (Forward Jump > Down + Medium Punch)
  • Lady Mika (Forward + Hard Punch)
  • Passion Press (Back or Forward + Medium Punch)
  • Passion Rope Throw – Forward (Back or Forward + Medium Punch >> Forward + Medium Punch)

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