Fallout 4: the year is 2287 and Half-Life 3 still isn’t finished

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 6 February 2016 19:04 GMT

The future sounds rather bleak.

Matthew Shezman’s YouTube channel Bitter Strike Cartoons has released a new cartoon parody, and the focus this time out is Fallout 4.

One of the fun bits in the beginning is when the main character meets Mr. Handy for the first time, and asks him if Half-Life 3 is finally out.

While Mr. Handy does a “quick search” using his advanced hardware, the character looks over and sees a billboard featuring Gabe Newell choking Gordon Freeman. It’s a fun little joke.

Another fun bit is being able to use Dogmeat as a weapon. By throwing him. He can’t die, ya know.

You may recall Shezman’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt parody. If not, give it a watch.

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