Super Smash Bros. roster expands with Fire Emblem’s Corrin

December 15, 2015 Brenna Hillier

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The Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct has already produced some juicy news.

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Super Smash Bros. will soon be graced by another new challenger: Corrin, the main character of Fire Emblem Fates

As with the Wii Fit instructor, and in keeping with the source material, male and female versions of Corrin will be available; the two are functionally identical. Corrin’s moves include a Dragon Ascent special that changes their appearance.

The new fighter doesn’t have a dedicated stage, but buying them as DLC will also net you two new musical tracks. The 3DS version of the DLC also comes with Ryomo and Xander trophies.

The new combatant was revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct, which will also provide more detail on Cloud Strife, and will be available in February. A Corrin Amiibo will release next year.

Like Corrin? Fire Emblem Fates releases on 3DS in North America in February, with Europe and PAL territories to follow later in 2016. Two versions will be available at retail with a third released digitally; you can pick up all three in a special edition to get the full story in one hit.

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