Just Cause 3 street date broken over a week ahead of launch

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 25 November 2015 09:48 GMT

Just Cause 3 has been out in the wild for a good few days now.


Retail copies of Just Cause 3 are being sold in a number of places across the world. In fact, a few with early copies tried to livestream some gameplay, only for publisher Square Enix to shut them down quickly.

Yours truly has just accepted a delivery of a copy. Out here in sunny, lawless Cairo, stores sell games as soon as they get them. And in the case of Just Cause 3, they’ve had the game as early as Sunday, I believe.

The same goes for countries like Brazil, and United Arab Emirates, denizens of which have all been posting pictures of the game for days now, too.


This usually happens with most big releases. For instance, I could get a copy of Rainbow Six Siege now, but Just Cause 3 has to be one of the earliest a game has been available ahead of its launch this year.

We’ll be bringing you our impressions once we get enough Rico time.

Just Cause 3 is officially out December 1. You can watch the first hour of gameplay.

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