Weekend Playlist: what are you playing?

By Brenna Hillier
22 November 2015 23:03 GMT

Is it Fallout 4? It’s Fallout 4 isn’t it. Yeah, we thought it was Fallout 4.


Video games! We love them, we play them, we turn up here occasionally and ask you whether you feel the same way.

Although it feels like everybody’s playing Fallout 4 right now, there are probably some people out there who aren’t interested in Bethesda’s latest. I mean, it’s possible, right? If you’re not playing Fallout 4, we’d like to hear about it, you wonderful unicorn, you. We’d also like to hear about if you are, of course.

Someone remembered to email the rest of the staff during their actual awake timezones this week, so here’s Team VG247’s weekend plays. It’s a short list this time because Steph and Matt are both on gaming breaks this weekend. I like to think our EIC is lying down quietly somewhere, having worked himself near to nervous breakdown producing Fallout 4 guides.

  • Star Wars Battlefront

    Sherif spent a little time in the Star Wars universe this weekend. If you’re playing too, please let us know – it’s sort of hard to tell through all the Fallout 4 noise, but I keep hearing about long, long matchmaking waits and depopulated servers. After such a tremendous amount of hype earlier in the year, surely Battlefront hasn’t been abandoned already…? I hope not, but even diehard DICE fan Westie says Battlefront suffers from grenade spam, which is not a great sign.

  • Destiny

    Both Pat and I answered the call of the Iron Lords this week. I got to rank four but I assume Pat blitzed it all the way to five; on the way, he submitted his very first grief report to the PSN. Hmm! Pat’s also been tackling King’s Fall Hard Mode, while I failed yet again to finish even normal mode in my allotted time. I was also basely tricked into making a Trials of Osiris run, which went about as spectacularly badly as you’d expect.

  • Fallout 4

    People keep asking me how many hours I’ve spent with Fallout 4, and I don’t really know. I should probably go check. I’ve got three characters. The problem is that after I break everything with my incredible Perception/Agility/Deliverer build and become the incarnation of violence, I start worrying about settlements, decide I’ve done everything wrong, and go start again. I really like starting Bethesda games. It’s much more satisfying than finishing them.

  • Richard & Alice

    I picked up this indie adventure because the dev tweeted that it was as cheap as it would ever be for a good while yet, and after about two minutes of playing I regretted not paying full price. It’s a point and click in the old “click everything on everything else” style, which I generally dislike, but the puzzles so far have all been one screen affairs and pretty logical, so it’s not getting in my way of the enjoyment of the excellent writing.

  • Hard West

    Did you see the amazing Hard West launch trailer? Pat viewed this trailer right here on VG247 dot com and immediately decided to buy this $15 turn-based tactics title, which gave me the warm glow of a job well done as our unofficial (and very lacklustre) indie editor. Not heard of it? Think XCOM in the Wild West, only Satan is there and all sorts of shit is going down.

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Sherif has nearly finished Lara’s latest adventure – he thinks. It’s not always easy to tell. As a longtime Tomb Raider fan, here’s my expert tip: if shit has gone bananas, with weird supernatural or alien stuff happening, you’re near the end of a Tomb Raider game (so go get all those challenge tombs, already). I may break out the Xbox One for this one; Pat reckons it’s excellent.

Now you, please! What’s sucking up your time and eating your life and ruining your human relationships? What would you be playing if your partner or roommate or teenage child or sibling were not playing Fallout 4 constantly? What do you play on your phone while sobbing in the toilet over how you haven’t spoken to your loved ones in days? Ah ha ha ha, release season.

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