The best kills we’ve seen in Fallout 4 so far

By Matt Martin, Thursday, 19 November 2015 15:05 GMT

Fallout 4’s VATs system and OP weaponry leads to some pretty awesome kills.


Fallout 4 doesn’t lack firepower. With new crafting options and an armoury of demented weapons, it doesn’t take much to kit yourself out with lethal killing sticks.

You can cover the wasteland in buckets of blood easily enough, but it still takes good old fashioned skills to pull off some of the best kills in the game.

Warning: some spoilers ahead

Saving Kent during the Silver Shadow missions is hard. He’s surrounded by badasses holding hair-trigger guns, and no amount of stealth is going to help you here. You need to move fast, like Thursty Thurst, and show no mercy.

One of the most annoying groups of enemies in Fallout 4 is the Children of Atom, those radiation-worshipping assholes that come at you like you’ve joked about their mum.

It’s good to see moves like this from Kevin Qian, who not only kills one such douchebag, but kills him in the head a second time, just to be sure.

And those suicidal Super Mutants that come running at you with explosives strapped to their arms? Jeez, those guys are a pain in the ass. You’ve got to admire the skills of Hayden Kowalchuk then, who picks one off with what looks like a primitive rifle from miles away.

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