343 aware of aiming issue some Halo 5 players are suffering from

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 9 November 2015 16:37 GMT

A few people have reported slower than usual character turning speed in Halo 5’s multiplayer.


If you’ve been playing Halo 5‘s multiplayer since launch, you likely have heard of this strange bug that affects a number of users. This issue would make aiming diagonally slower than side to side, or affect the turning speeds altogether.

But its very nature, not everyone will be able to notice this issue, but a few have, and developer 343 acknowledged this in the latest blog.

“This can cause players to become unable to, or inconsistently reach what we call a ‘pegged’ state,” the studio’s Chris King and Scott Sims wrote.

“The ‘pegged’ state is a region in the outermost range of the analog aim stick in which we blend the players turn speed to a much faster rate.

“This issue is compounded as the control input fluctuates depending on multiple factors – if you are applying even the slightest bit of downward pressure (clenching), moving the stick around the edges a bit (which is why it’s even more problematic when aiming diagonally), or torqueing the stick on the edge a bit more than normal on some controllers.”

343 has a developed a fix that it’s currently testing with the internal pro team. In addition, the studio is planing on making all controller settings available to the players to tweak any way they like. This includes independent vertical/horizontal sensitivities, dead-zone calibration, and more.

This will understandably take a bit of time, but the developer is shooting for December.

Halo 5’s November update was also detailed. It brings Big Team Battle to the fold with new maps, as well as other new pieces of content.

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