What it’s like to get stoned and watch Uncharted 4, WiLD and Dreams dev sessions in Paris

By Patrick Garratt
5 November 2015 09:35 GMT

We’re here for you.


Would you say this game is a spiritual statement in a way somehow yes you’re understanding hours and hours at the beginning of the game you will be killed by bears. If you do the bad thing you get killed understand those things. Ancel holds up his hands.

We sat on a bench outside La Porte de Versailles convention centre in the rain and smoked some brutal hash before Sony’s behind-closed-doors sessions at Paris Games Week last Tuesday. Seemed to work out.

Can’t even remember what it’s called then it’s WiLD. Most of the time you scout but playing a small thing like a rabbit is interesting. They look as though they’re having a good time and the crowd – and it actually is a crowd – is rapt. He freezes the game on the rabbit and there’s a bunch of laughing demo is taking place at the start of the evening and everyone is relaxing after their jaunt across Paris. He’s proud of that rabbit. He talks about it passionately an infinite amount of possibilities. The bear-dude is bouncing along on a bear. You can build your own shelters in trees, if they’re high enough. You can play as a wolf. You have to protect yourself in the night, sounds like, and the drums don’t stop. The bear drums stop tears through a camp of cannibals and the music has gone. There are men being split and a roaring bear. Ancel talks again over silence but one point too long and the alarms go off.

Missed a bunch of that because I was saving the document and this Mac’s fucking shit. He’s talking about domesticating baby bears, how you have to survive with him (protect him, I assume he means) take care of him he will be part of your team. It’ll be very interesting bear divinity growing up. At the same time it’s simple make a player as a bigger team even reaching the landmark on other levels a classical system but in a generous environment with a lot of options. Oui.

The screen hisses. It’s the naked snake woman lying on the ground we want people to experience the creature they summon. If you want to take control play as a snake or you’ll have to do something the divinity asks you to do. This game is not black and white whispers beside me don’t want a game that’s pink and love everywhere have to balance what is a sacrifice. Several days nature. He can’t stop talking. And then he does. He just says thank you very much, almost mid-statement.

An American guy asks a question and sounds nervous but he does it Ancel says he doesn’t understand and he has to ask it again but he does it. Harsh. Every player spawns in a different location we want people to jump into the games of their friends point of view of the world. I’m working half-and-half still working at Ubisoft Martin asks about Beyond Good & Evil 2. Good that. He laughed.

A big system that is helping the team. We use the tool to generate in real-time the world. We tried to start grounded on reality. Intensions to make it magical. We’ll see how far we can go. Nature was the most powerful thing on Earth we believe we are the most powerful a mix between humans and animals. You will have God-animals. If you die as an animal build you will come back to your physical body expands you territory dropped my fucking recorder one last question you mentioned Gods and nature and everything. Would you say this game is a spiritual statement in a way somehow yes you’re understanding hours and hours at the beginning of the game you will be killed by bears. If you do the bad thing you get killed understand those things. Ancel holds up his hands.


Cross over with Pearson in the middle and go into the Uncharted demo with Martin. Can’t say I’ve been looking forward to this, but needs must. Lead multiplayer designer at Naughty Dog Robert Cogburn U4MP Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3 and the last of us what can we do to create moments of high adventure showfloor later today.

Sixty frames-per-second multiplayer will be running 900p60 SP 1080p30 I think something like that Mysticals. Imbues the users will magical abilities side-kicks leveraged the rope quite a bit throughout map design gear recharges over time forgot to turn my recorder on chase down the enemy. Working together and staying together. These pitches are long and hard speaking a lot with great skill. This is most likely going to be the 1.02 studio’s last Uncharted game each character has had lines specific to their persona.

His face shone when he said that.

He waves his hand over the glowing emblems Wrath of Eldorado swap between Mysticals and gear.

Cartoon blue explosions all around smoking blue stand on Mystical abilities downstate facilitates teamwork up to full health something like a Chintomani stone area of effect sniper gun we’re bringing back load-outs Uncharted 4 multiplayer sprays a buff on the ground picks up team-mates I’m not being funny but Destiny, you know. That might not be fair, but it’s there.

Looks technical in terms of gear manipulation, buffing and nerfing. The djinns are supers earn cash snipers, sniper laser beam reposition. It looks pretty good, right. You can call in a Medic patches you up the Hunter tracks the nearest enemy. Put him in a grab save by one of their team-mates Hunter in action right here. Solid shooting, and it definitely wasn’t just the speakers. A lot of bass on that AK, hein, all thumpy. Like Indiana Jones pumped up hard got your back. You look better on the ground.

Beta Team Deathmatch. Charged melee one-hit kills with X interrupt. There’s no currency dedicated servers there won’t be any it’ll be a host. Five Mysticals anyone will be able to equip them one sidekick per player. They’re in the world until they die. Everyone could call in a side-kick at the same time only possible with the power of PlayStation 4. Five-v-five. For ship we will not have vehicles but we’re planning to add them in the future we’re shooting for eight maps. They’re all new maps. That was a good session, and that is a fucking great game.


Media Molecule = creative gaming in-depth peek of what you saw in the conference today live create demo completely new Dreams is so hard to describe playing or creating is there a story when we were thinking in terms of Little Big Planet the most fun you have in dream aim is to have fun you’re just playing would you mind trimming the tree, please? That’s just one random example.

The imp keyword for dreams performance feels so much more alive than a canned animation system. In Dreams literally everything we don’t get any different tools everything you see was created with a DualShock second screen iPad app thing all supported. A really great way to create a new character oranges footballs cars the teddy bear can rock its head like head-bang every character is already alive sticking spoons all over it. The real games didn’t work in LittleBigPlanet really works piece together your own game with objects created for you collaborate three-player collaboration building objects making highways out of sponge actually one of the most mash-up streaming culture we support the full spectrum imagine some people can export your creations can 3D print mashing things up they pass models among the crowd and you have an Arc de Triomphe. I hate to say the words voxels on a whole other scale several thousand by several thousands billions insane depth stores what you did everything is stored a history incredible. Level load-times are really, really low like a web lucid dreaming puts a rose on her hat assets of high quality skull eyes betas coming next year he can do it he does it gives her skull earrings mouse ears for his latest character serendipity discovery. I’m really getting into this hair millions of trees. If you want a ready-made game if you want a mech creation kit so I’m going to be the guy that’s the dream’s kit master search for snowboarding kits you can create sound effects music he can hardly speak because everyone’s laughing go on hit me millions upon millions of objects ratings and things like that we learned a lot from LittleBigPlanet a key thing for me was people Dan’s had enough of the bar.

It doesn’t need to be literal. Early well 2016. We don’t know what dreams actually is. You can just sit down and enjoy it so amazing for everybody including us. I hate to be rude, but I really have to leave.

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