How to beat Destiny King’s Fall Hard Mode – everything you need to know

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 24 October 2015 14:55 GMT

The Hard Mode version of Destiny’s King’s Fall raid went live yesterday and if you need help with it look no further.

Thanks to Destiny super guide creator Arekkz Gaming, below you will find three different Hard Mode walkthroughs on: how to defeat Oryx, Golgoroth and Warpriest.

Destiny: The Taken King – How to Defeat Hard Mode Oryx

With Oryx, the majority of the fight remains unchanged. The main difference this time out is that as well as the Lighteater Ogres spawning, Lighteater Knights also spawn. The Knights will consume the Corrupted Light orbs if left to roam around.

Be sure to tackle them as fast as you can in order to ensure the Light remains. This way, you can deal enough damage to Oryx. Obviously the enemies are stronger as well, but the Knights are the main change.

Destiny: The Taken King – How to Defeat Hard Mode Golgoroth

According to Alex, the main change with Golgoroth’s fight mechanics revolves around the pools of reclaimed light.

In normal mode, you simply stand in them to deal damage, but in Hard Mode, one person in the pool will get a debuff called Unstable Light. Once the timer reaches zero, Unstable Light will explode killing everyone nearby except for the player the debuff is attached to.

The way to combat this is to have that person move away from the team so they can detonate before moving back in to deal more damage.

Destiny: The Taken King – How to Defeat Hard Mode Warpriest

In the Hard Mode battle with Warpriest, the fight revolves around both the boss and the monoliths he destroys.

During the damage phase, players group up in an aura to deal damage to the boss, at the end of the damage phase they take cover behind one of the three monoliths. Once the boss finishes calling upon the Oculus, the monolith players hid behind will be destroyed.

This process is then repeated until he is dead; however, once the monolith is destroyed, a new prompt appears on screen stating: “Warpriest draws power from the monolith”.

After this, he’ll then obtain a new ability. Depending on the monolith destroyed, his ability will vary.

  • Left – he will adopt the Centurion-like bolt attack
  • Middle – he will gain tracking shots
  • Right – he will adopt the Taken Captain’s ability to fire blinding black projectiles

Aside from that, everything else remains the same.

Give each video a watch for more details.

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