Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 2 – A Simple Plan

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 21 October 2015 09:01 GMT

Sneak through the train yard and kill David Brewster, the mad scientist.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 2 – A Simple Plan

Locate and Assassinate David Brewster

  • Detach locomotive
  • Reach vantage point
  • Reach laboratory
  • Optional Challenge: Kill five enemies with hanging barrels
  • Speak with captive
  • Locate key
  • Locate secret lab entrance
  • Locate Sir David Brewster
  • Assassinate Sir David Brewster
  • Optional Challenge: Use an Air Assassination to kill Sir David Brewster
  • Escape secret lab
  • Escape the debris

This is another fairly easy mission as you take command of Evie. The first section has you heading across and through train carriages. You can practice skills here including throwing knives and pulling guards off the train from below, as well as a few air assassinations.

There’s £100 in a chest in one of the carriages guarded by a red coat, but aside from that, just keep going forward (you don’t have much choice).

Once you’ve detached the other carriages continue forward. If you climb along the right hand side of the train you’ll have less confrontations but these guards are pretty easy to pick off in such a tight environment.

Once you get to the train yard you’ll do your first dive into a hay cart. Yay! From here you need to work through the yard and out the other side.

Take your time and the optional challenge will come easily – there are loads of guards standing under or near barrels, which you need to cut with a throwing knife. If you stay high and look around you’ll see you options from a way off. All the other guards are easy to bump off too, so if you need more practice, now is the time.

When you find the captive, kill off the two guards and speak to him. Now get out of the building and go looking for a guard with the key. You’ll find him in a building near the waypoint, so loot his corpse after you’ve killed him. There are more hanging barrels around here if you need to bump off more guards.

The route to the lab is easy enough, just stay high and in cover and you’ll be able to pick off red coats without any hassle.

Inside the building with the trains in, there’s a hidden door which you’ll see with Eagle Vision. This is the entrance to the lab. You’ll learn to do Double Assassination kills here, which becomes essential. Put it to good use as you work through the underground corridors to the laboratory.

When you find Brewster it’s easy enough to climb above him without getting spotted. Perform an air assassination and then it’s time to get the hell out of there. Dodge the electricity and collapsing building to escape and complete the sequence.

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