Weekend Playlist: what are you playing?

By Brenna Hillier
19 October 2015 00:26 GMT

Come one, come all, talk about what video games you’re playing at the moment. Remember how we do that sometimes? Yeah.


Release season is so close that we’re already under the hammer; early code is going out and a bunch of terrific indies and mid-tier releases have dropped, hoping to get in ahead of the pack. There seems to be so much to play right now, and so little time. How do you choose?

More importantly, what do you choose? Here’s what team VG247 has been up to, to start you off.

  • Dark Souls 3

    Sherif got into the Dark Souls 3 stress test this weekend, unlike many other unfortunates, and says he liked it “quite a bit”. We can probably take that as high praise, given how restrained our resident Souls fanatic is, but he’s promised to share some more detailed thoughts with us soon.

  • Read Only Memories

    Dang, this project nails the feel of old-school adventures – or at least my rose-tinted memories of them. I think it’s a bit more forgiving, which probably won’t please hardcore fans, but I personally do not have the time or patience any more to pixel hunt and stack random inventory items together, so whatever. Come for the rad cyberpunk setting and themes, stay for your emotional bond with a naive little AI.

  • Halo 4

    Sherif has not yet received Halo 5: Guardians, unlike about half the Internet, but is jonesing so hard for the Chief he’s been playing Halo 4. Just over a week until we find out what’s up with Microsoft’s teasing Hunt the Truth campaign. Are you excited?

  • Undertale

    Everyone’s been raving about this one and with good reason. Some combination of the art and writing manages to wring real feeling out of a simple, retro-style JRPG in a way those who missed the seminal 8-bit and 16-bit years may not believe possible. I would love to devote more time to this, unlocking its many layered secrets and stories.

  • Destiny

    Yes, we played Destiny; we always do, innit. Pat “actually won a game of Rumble”, which is quite a feat, and hit rank five in Iron Banner. He was so proud of this that he sent me pictorial proof. Well done, boss. I myself ventured into the Iron Banner for the very first time, and even as a total PvP newb with not so great gear it – wasn’t awful? My world has turned upside down. Didn’t get that sweet cloak though.

  • Embargoed

    Matt got an early copy of an embargoed game and is under strict orders not to tell anybody anything. Watch out for coverage later in the week, I guess; the main point is he did actually game and therefore escapes the sin bin. Steph used her free time to attend to important household matters; we’re all scandalised.

  • Fish Pond Park

    Like some sort of fool, I bought a new Kairosoft game. When will I ever learn? Why sleep, Kairosoft argues, when you could be building a beautiful natural park, filling it with fish, catching said fish, and making money to build an even better park in a cycle that will only gestalt into meaninglessness after you’ve done four or five full playthroughs?

Now you. What’s consuming your time? Are you trying to clear your pile of shame before the next lot hits? Are you spending more time on single-player or multiplayer? What do you play when you’re waiting for public transport?

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