Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 5 – Research and Deployment

By Staff, Friday, 16 October 2015 06:23 GMT

Save Ned Wynert, try to avoid stabbing the police and behave very foolishly on trains.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 5 – Research and Deployment

Acquire a carriage or you’ll have a bit of a time even getting to the first waypoint of this mission, which is a carriage.

Optional Challenge: Don’t kill any police during this mission.

When you find it you can either unleash hell with knives, leap onto the carriage and start stabbing, or, if you’re chasing the optional challenge, park a wagon across the street ahead. London’s finest are so baffled by this act of traffic sabotage you can just sneak up behind the carriage and break him out.

Now it’s off to a train. Move fast here – you need to reach the front of the train, then jump to the next one. Try to take down as many baddies as you can as pass through.

Optional challenge: On the second train, detach the rear car and the enclosed car near the engine for bonus points.

Progress along the train; there’s heaps of cover, so you can cover assassinate most of the baddies. Knives and darts are also very useful. When you reach the objective crate make sure you’ve detached the two cars for the optional challenge before proceeding to search it.

You must now detach the carriage the crate was in, and jump back to the previous train. Ned will be under attack if you left anyone alive to bother him; kill his attackers or simply twiddle your thumbs until the train reaches its destination and the mission ends.

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