Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 5 – Breaking News

By Staff, Friday, 16 October 2015 06:50 GMT

Zap some fools for your inventive friend.

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 5 – Breaking News

After the opening cutscene you’ll need to climb out the window and up onto the roof. Make sure you have your new bombs equipped, and can see Bell. Target the two Blighters who approach him (hold in the left trigger) and when he says “pear”, lob the bomb (right trigger or Triangle/Y). Don’t worry, Bell won’t be hurt.

After the first bomb, move around the corner, keeping the group in sight. Target the group again, and let fly when Bell says “apples”.

You should have run out of bombs, so quickly open any of the nearby chests to restock. Take aim and let fly once more, when Bell says “plum”. (If you’re playing in a language other than English, these signals may be different; hopefully they’re slightly less stretched.)

As soon as you’ve thrown the third bomb start climbing down, and then beat up the Blighters. Make sure you’ve restocked on bombs, and then follow Bell to his carriage.

Optional challenge: when you see two Blighters ahead of you, stop, climb down, and approach them to throw a bomb at them.

Drive the carriage a little way and then follow Bell into the building; you might want to recruit any nearby Rooks to make this next part easier. Stay by Bell and use Eagle Vision to spot a group of approaching Blighters; take them out, but be careful with bombs, as you will catch civilians in the flash and risk desynchronisation.

Bell will move into the opposite building and be attacked by another group of enemies, and then two sets of enemies in a third position. In all of these battles, the Blighters will charge right by you and go for Bell, so either intercept them as they approach or stay by Bell to be sure he’s safe.

The mission automatically ends when Bell survives the last attack.

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