Weekend Playlist: what are you playing?

By Brenna Hillier
12 October 2015 00:13 GMT

Apart from the Star Wars Battlefront beta; that’s obvious. But let’s talk about that too.


Video games! We still play them, believe it or not. After several weeks of going to the US, going to Japan, having the flu and forgetting to ask anyone what they were doing before they all switched off their notifications for the night, we’re back with a round up of what everyone’s doing. Team VG247 will kick things off.

  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

    I finally managed to get Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection out of the press kit after a bit of rough handling by the postie had wedged it through the packaging. I played all the way through Drake’s Fortune and got a few levels into Among Thieves, and am really enjoying the little pop ups that suggest I’m much better at it than all my friends. Selective statistics are a power indeed. I’m enjoying other things too, obviously; it’s absolutely flipping gorgeous, isn’t it?

  • Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

    Steph has a very busy lifestyle and various MMOs to keep up with, but somehow she finds time to pack her gaming diet full of new experiences. According to our global news editor, she likes Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 because it’s “rather hard (no pun intended); has pixelated daddy wee-wees and you can fly around in a bathtub”. Steph, I adore you. These are excellent reasons to grant a game a positive assessment.

  • LEGO Dimensions

    Matt is a dad, and I’m sure that’s the only reason he’s playing LEGO Dimensions. Nobody else on the team is envious of him in any way. We don’t wish we had an excuse to drop a gazillion dollars on the many packs and add-ons “for the kids”. We definitely don’t care that you can like, rebuild models right there on the floor and have that reflected in-game. We don’t want to solve clever puzzles and engage in interesting action sequences while exploring several favourite universes merged together with TT Games’ signature panache. No sir. It’s kiddy stuff.

  • Lord of the Rings Online

    I already mentioned Steph’s MMO habit. Her main is Lord of the Rings Online which, sadly, seems to have hit hard times despite the great success it enjoyed after going free-to-play a few years back. Several servers are now being merged and Steph’s is one of them. She has plenty to do to get ready for the shift – probably including soothing and calming the distress of her Kin members. “It’s all rather depressing,” she said. I’m campaigning to have her come join us in Destiny instead.

  • Destiny

    Believe it or not, Pat isn’t playing Destiny this weekend. Family commitments prevent him from gaming at all, and to be frank I think he’s glad of the rest. His sterling efforts producing our The Taken King FAQ and guide – including the epic King’s Fall Raid guide – have exhausted him so much he can barely see straight. Rest up, boss. Meanwhile, I spent eight hours on my first trip into the raid this weekend and came out wanting to crawl into a ditch and die. What a harrowing experience. Can’t wait to get back in there. Sherif also logged in to visit Xur and pick up the Titan helmet; it’s cheaper to buy the Year Two version with Strange Coins than spend Legendary Marks upgrading the Year One version, he reckons.

  • FIFA 16

    The sky is blue. Water is wet. Someone, somewhere, is playing he shit out of the latest FIFA. This week that person is Sherif. You know, I have no idea what clubs any of Team VG247 support? To be fair though, I’m an Australian and I sincerely doubt they have any idea which AFL club I’m a member of. Anyway, sports! They’re great.

  • Star Wars Battlefront

    No shit, Sherlock; several of us are course putting time into the Star Wars Battlefront beta. Sherif seems to have mixed feelings about his time with it; he has concerns about the depth of the combat. He’s elected to withhold judgment till full launch, though, because the beta is missing a huge whack of content. Meanwhile, Matt’s been enjoying playing Survival with his son, and as a special treat shared this video of their endeavours:

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Now it’s your turn. What have you been playing? Don’t just tell us the big things – what mobile games do you turn to when you’re waiting for matchmaking or loading screens? What little time filler do you load while Steam is patching your favourites? What do you play on your iPad while watching TV, because you’re a gamer and need constant, unending stimulus? I may be projecting a little here.

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