Massive Chalice project lead exits Double Fine for Valve

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 8 October 2015 00:30 GMT

Double Fine veteran Brad Muir has jumped ship for Valve.


Muir was project lead on Massive Chalice and Iron Brigade (Trenched as was), and was lead designer on Brütal Legend.

As well as these prominent roles in Double Fine’s oeuvre, he’s become something of a face for the company, starring in the terrific Massive Chalice pitch video, popping up all over social media, and generally proving about as popular as a very funny and permanently smiling game developer can be.

And now he’s left. Muir announced his departure at the end of last month, and has now confirmed – or at least, very strongly implied – that he’s taken on a new position at Valve.

Good luck to Brad in his future endeavours, and please make Half-life 3 happen.

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