Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, October 2nd

By Shane McCafferty
2 October 2015 07:03 GMT

A bumper week this week. A sequel to a classic and plenty of quality new releases. Here are the best games for your iPhone and iPad this week along with a classic you may have missed.


The best PAID iOS games this week

Mos Speedrun 2: $1.99 (iPad, iPhone)

The original Mos Speedrun is an AppStore classic. Developer Physmo has kept us waiting 4 years for a follow up. Mos Speedrun 2 is everything we’d hoped for and more. Like the original, Mos 2 is a platformer with the emphasis on speed and/or exploration. Success brings badges which unlock stages, levels, and costumes. Mos 2 is bigger, prettier, smoother, faster.… a home run for platforming fans.

HoPiKo: $3.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Laser Dog Games make quality games. That’s just how it goes. Their latest is their best yet. HoPiKo is a very stylish speed run platformer. Make it to the end of each stage as quick as you can by jumping, via flick for a directed jump, or tap for a straight up jump. The stages are cunning, the controls work perfectly, and it’s all just as frantic as it needs to be. Excellent.

SPL-T: $2.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Well we were’t expecting this next from the makers of Beat Sneak Bandit, Bumpy Road, and Device 6. SPL-T appears to be a very simple looking strategic puzzle game. The gameplay involves splitting areas of the screen into smaller blocks until you can split no more. However there seems to be a lot more under the surface. Forums are awash with hidden details and there’s certainly more to see and do.

The best FREE iOS games this week

Land Sliders (iPad, iPhone)

Land Sliders is the debut game from some ex-Halfbrick devs new studio Prettygreat. Land Sliders’ production values are absolutely top notch. Graphics, controls, and even the Free-to-Play model (straight from Crossy Road), are best in class. However the unique control mechanic is what really sets Land Sliders apart. Instead of moving the character you move the game world. It all works very well and leads to some unique, and memorable, gameplay.

Magic Flute by Mozart (iPad, iPhone)

Magic Flute by Mozart is a sliding block puzzle game based on the first act of Mozart’s opera of the same name. Gameplay involves moving blocks to guide opera characters to the stage exit. Stages start easy but the difficulty quickly ramps. Certainly worth a look as it’s quite unlike anything else.

Skeletomb (iPad, iPhone)

Clever name! Skeletomb is a retro arcade adventure. Players choose a hero and head off on a journey through various retro styled worlds that change on every playthrough. Skeletomb uses voxels but has a distinctive camera angle so everything looks and feels uniquely quirky. One for retro loving mobile adventurers.

This week’s golden oldie that’s still fantastic

Super Hexagon: $2.99 (iPad, iPhone)

If you haven’t played Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon you should stop reading now and go do that. Ok! Super Hexagon is hard but Super Hexagon is fair. Death is always your fault, never the game. With practice what seemed impossible at first is actually perfectly doable. This is because Super Hexagon is a superbly crafted mobile game. Controls, audio, and graphics are all perfectly executed. A classic best played on mobile.

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