Destiny: The Taken King – here’s how you get the Bolt-Caster Exotic Sword

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:25 GMT

It’s Armsday in Destiny: The Taken King. So, what can you get today? The Exotic Sword Bolt-Caster is what, so go pay Lord Shaxx a visit. Mind, you’ll want to throttle him before it’s all over.

Depending, the sword will either be the Bolt Caster, Raze Lighter or Dark Drinker. In this particular case, Arekkz is focusing on the Arc version, the Bolt-Caster.

In order to acquire the Exotic version of Bolt-Caster, you will first need to own the Legendary version of it, Arc Edge. In order to get it to the next phase, you will first need to infuse it with a more powerful weapon in order to bring the attack stat up to 280 or above.

Upon doing this, when you inspect the sword, you will see it has an additional node which gives you more ammo. Do this, and Lord Shaxx will allow you to start the quest chain A Sword Reforged.

It kicks off with the first quest Honing the Edge where you must use the sword against “powerful” servants of the Darkness such as Majors or Ultras as well as test it against Guardians in the Crucible.

You will need 50 Major kills and 25 Guardian kills. If you don’t want to waste your heavy ammo, you can still kill with the hilt of the sword. So, in the Crucible, go into rumble and just to make things easier, take a couple of friends with you.

Once this quest is completed, Blade of Night is the next challenge. In this part of the chain, you will need to draw out and defeat Ecthar, Sword of Oryx in the Asylum on the Dreadnaught. While this is the area you enter doing the Dark Blade Strike, it can be accessed in Patrol as well. Kill the three Knights, each with its own elemental shield, at once or in a short space of time to get the door to open. It’s easier with a full Fireteam as each one can take on one knight at a time. It’s possible with two players though. Once the door opens, enter the room, kill the adds, and take down Ecthar, Sword of Oryx – using your sword because apparently he is a bit bullet-proof.

After this is accomplished, go back to Shaxx, turn the quest in, and start the next part of the chain Essential Elements. In this Exotic quest, you will need to gather rare materials and attune your Light. While the other two parts of the chain were rather quick, this one will take the longest.

The resources come from gathering Spinmetal and for every 5-10 you gather, you will acquire one Zeptocyte Core and the same thing will apply for Helium Filaments. You will also get your own unique material. Arekkz chose Arc in this case, and said he collected around 150 Spinmental to acquire his 10 cores.

You will not only have to gather resources, but you will also need to make Ability kills. To do this, Arekkz went to the Moon and into the Temple of Corta. He used his blade, melee and grenades on some Supers over and over again. He killed around 800 enemies in 50 or so runs. Again, it will take quite a while, but once it’s done, return to Shaxx and get the quest Armsday Alloys.

Now, you will have to wait until Armsday when materials have been shipped. Since today is Armsday, this section will automatically complete for you, thankfully. No waiting around until next Wednesday. At this point, you will return to Shaxx yet again for the final phase: Sealing the Blade.

Here you will need to defeat Thracu, Warden of Oryx and then Alak-Hul, the Darkblade within 30 seconds of one another to seal your Arc Edge. This takes place in a special version of the Sunless Cell Strike and the recommended Light for this quest is 300, which is higher than the normal raid. You MUST kill Thracu first before Darkblade, and other knights will spawn so it’s best to go in with friends on the same quest. This way, you can also help each other out with their targets. Sure, you’ll have to do the special version of the Strike three times, but that’s only fair for everyone. Still, it’s a pretty “damn hard” quest, according to Arekkz.

Again, kill your target first before downing Darkblade or the quest will not complete. Bring both of their health down to the point you can kill them both within 30 seconds of one another, and then the quest will complete.

Once again, return to Shaxx and he will hand you your shiny new sword. It’s pity you can’t splay him around after putting you through all of this – but hopefully, the sword with be worth it for you.

The Bolt-Caster sword doesn’t replace your Legendary, so you will now have two.

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