Destiny’s King’s Fall Raid guide – Portico

By Patrick Garratt, Sunday, 20 September 2015 17:17 GMT

Time to crack out your super-jump.


Destiny’s King’s Fall Raid guide – Portico

This section can be a complete nightmare. The object here is to jump from the start area to the other side without falling.

The easiest route to success is to make sure all Hunters in the group have their agility settings up as high as possible and the Higher Jump subclass perk equipped. Everyone else should equip anything that gives you an agility boost. There’s a stupidly tall jump here: you’ll only make it if you’re prepared.

The good news is that only one player needs to make it across and pass into the next area. They’ll take the rest of the team with them.

When you first enter the Portico area, you’ll reach a point you can’t pass. Kill all the adds. Ahead of you is a Tomb Ship platform. A few seconds after anyone jumps onto it, the ship will start moving forward. Anyone left behind will have to wait until the platform respawns.

You now have to make a series of jumps, from Tomb Ship to Tomb Ship, to eventually reach a halfway platform on the left.

The Tomb Ships vanish when it’s time to jump, so unless you hop off you’ll fall to your death. You’ll know when the platform’s about to disappear as you’ll hear a whooshing sound and the ground will dissolve in green light.

From the first platform, wait until you see a Tomb Ship approaching you from the rear right. Jump on, and don’t forget to double-jump. You’ll die if you don’t.

The next jump is forward right, and the next is forward left. You should now be approaching a fixed platform on the left wall. The Tomb Ship comes easily close enough for you to make this jump, so leap up. You’re safe for now.

The following section is more difficult. The next Tomb Ship runs alongside the fixed platform, moving forwards. Jump on. The next one will spawn directly in front of you, but you need to wait until you hear the whooshing sound of the platform getting ready to dissolve before you start your jump. It can be tough to make it if you leave too early.

A Tomb Ship will now spawn to the left, and you need to duck under it. Once you’re on the other side, a platform will approach from the upper right. This is the high jump. Run and aim for the leading corner of the approaching platform. You can just make it, but this really is a tough call.

The next platform spawns directly ahead going the opposite way, then the next appears directly ahead travelling to the right. The final platform spawns ahead and slightly below you, rising up. Just stay on this one until you reach the final fixed platform and jump over.

Now run around to the left, and then two people stand on the plates after killing the adds. The rest of the team jump up onto the Tomb Ship, float across, kill the adds and the Shrieker and stand on the plates on the other side. The two people on the first plates then jump onto the Tomb Ship and come over. You now run forward down the corridor, up an elevator and into King’s Fall. Yep. You’re only now entering the actual Raid.

Congratulations on getting this far. You just opened the door.

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