Destiny: The Taken King – how to beat the Sunless Cell Strike

By Matt Martin, Sunday, 20 September 2015 12:58 GMT

Defeat Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, in this tough new strike for Destiny: The Taken King.


You’re once again back on the Dreadnaught. Follow the indicator to the Founts, and you’ll see enemies on the floor below. Pick them off from up here and then head towards the Asylum. You’ll have to take down a couple of Hallowed Wizards, so use your Solar weapons, as well as a bunch of Thralls and Acolytes.

When you get to the Asylum you have to co-ordinate with your team to get through this section quickly or it becomes an unnecessary chore. You’re in a large area with two moving platforms either side. To open the large door in front of you you’ll have to get to each platform and deactivate the batteries. One of you should do this while the other two remain on the platform in the center and tackle the Wizards and Shriekers. When both batteries are deactivated, clear out any other enemies and head through the door.

The next couple of areas are full of Taken and they come in waves so just keep clearing them out until the Hive Wizard spawns. Once they’re all dead move in to the Hanging Crypts, which is full of Shriekers.

Shriekers can be overwhelming in large numbers, so it’s best to work here systematically with your Strike team. Concentrate your fire on the closest Shrieker, then use the pillars for cover as you move from one Shrieker target to the other. If you call out and gang up on one at a time you’ll have them nailed in no time. Stick together and work as a team. After the Shriekers there’s just a couple of Taken and Wizards to deal with. When you eventually arrive at the Cell, you’ll have to take a leap of faith into the abyss…

It’s very dark down in the cell, and you’ll be attacked by Thrall and Cursed Thrall. Arm yourself with a shotgun, rocket launcher or powerful hand cannon. The space is tight and dark, so spread out.

When Darkblade attacks from the shadows he swings a massive axe, that can almost kill you with on blow. If you stand close to one another you’ll all take damage, so keep apart and hammer him when he appears, picking off the Thrall when he recedes into the darkness. Stay out of his melee attacks and once his health is low he’ll lose his helmet and gain some speed. Now is the time for supers and rocket launchers. With one last push you’ll put him down for good and collect your sweet loot.

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