The Taken King quest walkthrough – Step 14: Regicide

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 15 September 2015 10:07 GMT

This it. Kill the witch.

No more Mr/Mrs Suicidal Maniac. It’s time for Super Overduke/duchess Suicidal Maniac.


Run down to the right of the Cabal ship and into the Mausoleum. Just follow the arrow.


Run up to the Rupture and kill everything that comes out of it. Now you have Crota’s soul in a stone, you can run through the rift. Obviously.


Run up the corridor and watch the lights come on. Pretty.


You’ll come to a white chamber and get attacked by a ton of Taken. Kill everything. This area gets busy with Taken Hobgoblins, so hang at the back of the room and hide behind cover. Once everything’s dead, the doors will open. Go through.


Oryx appears, says you’re not worthy to fight him, then drops in some lesser bosses. Ta’aun and Baxx, both now Taken, try to spoil your day. Waste them both by shooting them in the head, then run through the rift.

Once through, follow the corridor into the yellow chamber, wait for the bridge to form, run across and go through the doors. Run into the white flame, watch the doors open then run through.

This is the boss fight. Oryx teleports between three platforms, but at this level it’s just a case of hitting him in the head and killing the adds. You Gally’s good for this.

Once his health hits a certain point, you’ll be teleported to some misty place. Oryx stays at the edge of the mist while adds attack. You can only attack him when he leaves the mist and attacks you with his sword. A shotgun’s good here.


Once you’ve beaten Oryx and he’s vanished, Eris will appear and get whimsical over his sword. Now you return to the Tower, visit the Vanguards and pick up a bunch of gear, including a purple primary. Congrats. Now get going with the Strikes.


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