The Taken King quest walkthrough – Step 12: The Promethean Code

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 15 September 2015 10:05 GMT

That last stealth tech was rubbish. Rasputin’s got your back.

You’re heading down to Earth to get some proper cloaking gear from Rasputin, the last Warmind.


This is a quick one, so rush through and get it nailed. Head to Rasputin’s bunker.


The Taken are in the bunker. Kill them.


Walk past the area you fought Omnigul’s adds in Siege of the Warmind and head to the end of the corridor.


Clear out the Taken Cabal and keep moving.


Head into the Mines. Smash the Cabal and head through the door on the left. Keep fighting through the rooms until you find Rasputin’s terminal. You’ll face some tough Cabal fights here, but your levels will save you if you’re going solo. Once you’ve scanned the terminal, the mission ends.


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