GTA Online: everything we know about the all new Freemode Events

By Matt Martin
11 September 2015 11:41 GMT

GTA Online’s freemode is about to get live events. Here’s 28 screens and details on new ways to earn cash and RP next week.

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Next week GTA Online gets the Freemode Events update. These are live events that promise to kick off in freemode every 12 minutes, offering players a number of varied objectives. These are optional, and cover all the standard GTA Online activities: stealing, racing, killing, killing while racing and stealing. And more.

The idea is that there’s no waiting in lobbies or loading time for events, something that absolutely plagues the GTA Online experience. anyone who’s played GTA Online for any amount of time will be skeptical of this claim, so we’ll have to see how it pans out next week when the update goes live.

For now, here’s the lowdown on all the events you can expect to play, put together with help from Kotaku and Reddit.

Adversary: Cross The Line

Teams fight to get over the line and into the opponents zone. All team members need to cross to win. Sounds bloody.




Adversary: Hunting Pack

You have to deliver a vehicle rigged to blow if it drops below a certain speed. Everyone else has to smash your vehicle to pieces. But smashing a fire truck to pieces isn’t so easy, is it?




Checkpoint Challenge

Pass through 120 checkpoints on the map, all of which cough up cash. The player with the most checkpoints wins.



Criminal Damage

Simple. Cause as much damage as possible within a set time to win. Break out the minigun and the rocket launchers.


Dead Drop

Grab a suitcase and deliver it before others kill you, steal the case and deliver it themselves.


Highest Skydive

Get high. Then dive. From the sky.


Hold the Wheel

Be the player behind the target vehicle when the five minute countdown expires. The target vehicles are likely to be quirky, like the golf buggy here.


Hot Property

Another briefcase job, but this time you win by having held it for the longest when the timer is up.


Hunt The Beast

One player is “the beast” and becomes invisible, tasked with grabbing ten checkpoints on the map. The checkpoint itself shows briefly when passed, but by then the beast should have already moved on. Other players must kill the beast before it passes all 10 checkpoint. You get to dress like Teen Wolf.




Kill List

Get to the (armoured) vehicle with a set number of players and kill waves of enemies. Comes in Competitive variation where you go head-to-head with other player vehicles.



Longest Jump

I dunno. Do the longest jump?


Longest Wheelie

I am the master at wheelies. Watch me wheelie.


Moving Target

This sounds like a Simeon mission. Get the vehicle and deliver it to the location before anyone else does.



Near Misses

Score points for near misses. The player with the most points after a set time wins.


Penned In

A race of sorts where you must stay inside a circle. But the circle is shrinking and if you stray outside of it you’ll blow up.



Time Trial

There’s going to be a blip on the map where you can try to beat a record lap time. This will change every week. Sounds like one for the petrol heads.



King of the Castle

Get to a location and hold it for points. The longer you stay in the location, the more points you gain.

Freemode Events come to GTA Online on September 15.

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