Destiny: The Taken King – Warlock subclass quests guide and tips

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 9 September 2015 11:50 GMT

The Taken King’s Warlock subclass quests will net you some lovely class items, but the Voidwalker challenge, in particular, may have you spitting teeth. Here’s how to win.

You pick these quests up from the Vanguards in the Tower.

Note that these are only the main parts of these quests. You’ll need to return to the tower to talk to the Vanguard between each step. Each subclass quest gifts you a level 40 class item with 220 defense.

How to complete the Path of the Stormcaller subclass quest

This is the new subclass introduced by The Taken King. Veteran players will want to get this done as soon as possible. Who doesn’t want to shoot lightning from their hands?


  • Before being granted this quest by the Vanguard in the Tower, you need to complete The Taken King’s first story mission, The Coming War.
  • All you have to do to open the subclass is complete the A Spark in Shadow mission on Mars.
  • Return to the Vanguard in the Tower and receive your Stormcaller’s Bond.

How to complete the Path of the Voidwalker subclass quest

If purple’s your thing, Warlock, this subclass challenge is for you. Beat Ikora’s quest and grab the level 40 Voidwalker’s Bond.


  • Slay Enemies – Defeat 50 enemies with your Nova Bomb, grenade or melee attack. Self-explanatory. Just switch to the Voidwalker subclass and get busy with the killing. Try to do this while you’re doing general stuff, like Strikes, so it doesn’t feel like too much of a grind.
  • Create Orbs of Light – Generate 25 Orbs using your Nova Bomb. The Siege of the Warmind story mission is good for this. Fire you super at the hordes of Thrall that attack you when you first enter the bunker. Don’t enter the final arena: just keep wiping and charging up your super again until you’ve killed enough.
  • Complete the Path – Fully upgrade the Voidwalker subclass. Haven’t done this already? Happy grinding. You’ll just have to do bounties until you’ve maxed the subclass out.
  • Ikora’s Challenge – Complete a Strike using a Nova Bomb to generate 7 Orbs in a single blast three times. This isn’t easy. You have to do a seven-hit kill with a Nova Bomb three times in a single strike. The best way we found of completing this stage is with a full fire-team on vanilla Will of Crota. It won’t work if you try it with match-made randoms, as they’ll just kill everything before you have a chance to drop your super. Go into the strike’s first room, kill the Fallen, but leave all the Thrall as they spawn through the doors. Run around the main room until you have many enemies out in the open, then lure them back into the room through which you entered at the top of the stairs. Use two of the fireteam as bait. While the Thrall are all attacking your teammates, blast them with the Nova Bomb. Then just wipe, charge your super and do it again. Pro-tip: wear the exotic Obsidian Mind helmet, if you have it. You may find you can get two hits done in a row, as Nova Bomb kills replenish your super.

How to complete the Path of the Sunsinger subclass quest

All fire, all the time. This subclass quest will grant you the Sunsinger’s Bond, a level 40 legendary class item.


  • Slay Enemies – Defeat 50 enemies with you Radiance, grenade or melee attack. Just kill stuff. Remember that the melee attack has to be charged for it to count as a kill, and don’t forget to activate your super as soon as it’s charged. Sunsingers have it drilled into them to save their super because of the self-res, but you’ll need to hit it once it’s full to start throwing grenades and racking up kills.
  • Create Orbs of Light – Generate 25 Orbs using your Radiance. Again, this is just a question of activating your Radiance and killing stuff. Pick somewhere well populated with enemies, such as Will of Crota, and remember that you generate Orbs with any kill, including those from a gun, once your Radiance is activated.
  • Complete the Path – Fully upgrade the Sunsinger subclass. Max out the subclass by doing bounties, assuming you haven’t already.
  • Ikora’s Challenge – Complete a Strike and kill 20 enemies while surrounded by Radiance. This one’s easy compared to the Voidwalker challenge. You need to gather 20 kills with the Radiance active in a single Strike. If you don’t make it, the counter resets. Just remember to wear gear then boosts your super, such as Obsidian Mind. A good weapon to use if Bad Juju, as kills count towards Radiance recharge.

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