Destiny: The Taken King – Titan subclass quests guide and tips

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 9 September 2015 13:53 GMT

Those fancy towels won’t earn themselves, guardian. Here’s how to beat the Titan subclass quests in The Taken King.

You pick these quests up from the Vanguards in the Tower.

Note that these are only the main parts of these quests. You’ll need to return to the tower to talk to the Vanguard between each step. Each subclass quest gifts you a level 40 class item with 220 defense.

How to complete the Path of the Sunbreaker subclass quest

Smash them with hammers. Here’s how to get the Titan subclass introduced by The Taken King.


  • Before being granted this quest by the Vanguard in the Tower, you need to complete The Taken King’s first story mission, The Coming War.
  • All you have to do to open the subclass is complete the A March of Fire mission on Venus.
  • Return to the Vanguard in the Tower and receive your Sunbreaker’s Mark.

How to complete the Path of the Defender subclass quest

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. Here’s how to beat Zavala’s Defender subclass quest and grab the Defender’s Mark.


  • Slay Enemies – Defeat 50 enemies either within your Ward of Dawn or using your grenade and melee attack. The Ward of Dawn is the Titan’s bubble, but kills within it aren’t working at the time of writing. It may be fixed by the time you’re reading this, but, if not, try to use armour which boosts your melee and grenade recharge.
  • Create Orbs of Light – Generate 25 Orbs using your Ward of Dawn. If you have it, wear the exotic chest Crest of Alpha Lupi for this, as it increases Orb drops from the Titan’s bubble. You can also use the Gift of the Void subclass perk: this drops more Orbs when enemies shoot the bubble.
  • Complete the Path – Fully upgrade the Defender subclass. Haven’t done this already? You’ll just have to do bounties until you’ve maxed the subclass out.
  • Zavala’s Challenge – Complete a Strike, Ward your Fireteam with Blessing or Weapons of Light and score 30 kills across your team. This one’s easy, but it’s best done without randoms. Pop your bubble, allow your team members to run through it and then watch their kills rack up. You need the 30 warded kills to happen in the same Strike, so don’t kill the boss until you have enough.

How to complete the Path of the Striker subclass quest

Hulk smash. Kill with impunity and net the Striker’s Mark.


  • Slay Enemies – Defeat 50 enemies with you Fist of Havoc, grenade or melee attack. Any self-respecting Striker will have this one done in minutes. Find a well-populated area, such as the first room in the Will of Crota Strike, and smash everything to death.
  • Create Orbs of Light – Generate 25 Orbs using your Fist of Havoc. Again, this is simple. Just find anywhere with a good bunch of enemies and destroy them with your super. You could try Siege of the Warmind. Rinse, repeat, win.
  • Complete the Path – Fully upgrade the Striker subclass. You’ll just have to do bounties until you’ve maxed the subclass out, assuming you haven’t already.
  • Zavala’s Challenge – Complete a Strike using the Fist of Havoc to generate 7 Orbs in a single blow, three times. This can be a pain, as the three seven-strong slams have to be completed in the same Strike. Try Will of Crota. Just bunch the Thrall in the first room and waste them all. Alternatively, you could try The Nexus. Run to the end of the Strike to the walkway covered in Vex Goblins just before the boss. Smash them, wipe and repeat. Then kill the boss and complete the stage.

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