Street Fighter 5’s Rainbow Mika has a near-impossible two-hit victory

By James O'Connor, Friday, 4 September 2015 01:55 GMT

Rainbow Mika can defeat an opponent in two attacks…but only if they leave her alone for sixteen seconds first.

This video from PAX, posted by Khaos Gaming, features a move that would be incredibly difficult to pull off in a match if your opponent was fighting back.

Rainbow Mika pulls out a microphone and gives a sixteen second monologue about training for strength, promising that anyone who follows her instructions will soon be “all muscle”. At the end of each step, she gains extra strength.

In this video, Mika is able to defeat Ryu with a single punch, followed by a throw. It’s the throw that does most of the damage, although it’s not clear if that would have been enough without the initial punch.

Between this and Birdie’s Booger Kill, Street Fighter 5 is building up a solid collection of novelty victory videos.

Thanks, Polygon.

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