Metal Gear Solid 5: Build the best Mother Base without spending money on your FOB

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 2 September 2015 15:06 GMT

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Forward Operating Bases: How to build them and how to defend them from invaders

FOBs or Forward Operating Bases are an extension of your Mother Base that will become available about a third of the way into the game. These are the ones that you can spend real-world money on.

This is an entirely optional part of the meta-game, but it’s one that you should consider. Establishing an FOB lets you deploy more than two combat missions simultaneously. But the biggest gain is the faster rate of resource processing and the staff room increase. Think of it as an online Mother Base.

When the option becomes available, your first FOB will cost zero MBs and some resources, but any others you build in the future will cost you from 1000 to 1200 MBs, depending on the location. MBs are the game’s currency, but they’re only used here. You earn them by reaching certain feats in the story, or by logging in on certain days where a login bonus is active.

However, none of these will be enough for another purchase, which is probably intended. Konami of course is offering MB packs through the store, which cost real money.

Being an online extension of Mother Base, FOBs are susceptible to attacks (invasions) from other players in the world who’ve also established FOBs. This Dark Souls-style mechanic lets you invade a player’s FOB while they’re away on a mission to grab resources and manpower. The ultimate goal however is to reach the centre of the base, the platform core.

Just as you can do it, others are eyeing your FOB too. You can defend your FOB by investing in various sorts of automated defences. These include attack drones, trained soldiers of various levels, gun placements and security systems. These all cost GMP and can be customised and placed anywhere.

One way you can defend your base on the cheap is to send in all those AA and machine gun placements you fultoned from around the world back to it. They will get placed and soldiers will use them to defend it, and so can you.

You will of course get notified when someone is detected invading your FOB, with emphasis on the word “detected”. In this case you have the option of flying back and handling it yourself. You get infinite spawns, but the invader only has one life.

Do note that online invasions are only possible if you have an FOB. With the exception of story missions, Mother Base invasions are not possible.

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