Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Episode 6 – Where do the Bees Sleep?

By Shabana Arif, Tuesday, 1 September 2015 14:06 GMT

Extract a prisoner and two snipers on your way to securing the Honey Bee.

MGS 5 Skulls

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – Where do the Bees Sleep Mission Objectives

  • Secure the Honey Bee
  • Eliminate the Skulls
  • Secure the Honey Bee with its ammunition intact
  • Extract the prisoner who cannot speak
  • Extract 2 snipers at the Mountain Relay Base
  • Eliminate the gunship

Secure the Honey Bee

The closest landing site for this mission is pretty far away from your objective, so get ready for a bit of a trek.

When you enter the fort, you want to make your way to the back end, where you’ll find a cave lit by candles leading downwards. It opens up by a pool of water and there are a number of doorways around the edge. Head into the doorway on the left and go on into the back room to find the Honey Bee.

Eliminate the Skulls and secure the Honey Bee with its ammo intact

When you leave the fort, you’ll find a few familiar faces outside waiting for you. The best way to eliminate the Skulls is to fire the Honey Bee into them when they’re in close proximity to one another, to save on ammo. Obviously, that will void the objective about not using any Honey Bee ammo, and you’ll lose your mission bonus.

Alternatively, you can try your luck with an assault rifle and any explosives you have on hand. Just keep moving so that they don’t the the chance to close in on you.

The third option is to run away, ticking off the objective of not using the Honey Bee, but voiding the elimination of the Skulls. It’s worth having D-Horse with you for a speedy getaway.

Extract the prisoner

You’ll first get eyes on the prisoner at the Mountain Relay Base. He’ll be bundled into a car and taken to Smasei Fort. The three soldiers guarding him will escort him to the room where the Honey Bee is being stored, so if you’re fast, stealthy, and feeling lucky, follow them inside.

When they have him in the room with the Honey Bee, they’ll kill him, so act quickly if you’ve been waiting to make your move.

Eliminate the gunship

You’ll encounter the gunship hovering around on your way to the base. If you’ve researched the Fakel-46 you should be able to take it down. The best place to do this is at the small outpost at the end of its patrol.

There are only three guards to dispose, a rocky wall to take cover behind, and a dumpster you can hide in if things get hairy. Just be sure to act quickly when it starts smoking. It flew off like a coward in my playthrough once it caught fire, left the mission zone, and didn’t count towards my objectives.

Extract 2 snipers at the Mountain Relay Base

Use your int-scope to scout out which soldiers are holding which weapons to get eyes on any snipers. I was after as many soldiers as possible for Mother Base so fulton extracted everyone out of there and met the objective that way.

Bear in mind that they won’t be marked as targets when you spot them. You’ll find them in the main base, rather than camped out in the cliffs. Once you’ve grabbed two, your list of objectives will be updated.

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