Twitch Plays Dark Souls beat the Asylum Demon, but it’s kind of cheating

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 20 August 2015 07:34 GMT

Twitch Plays Dark Souls has done something many believed was entirely impossible.


Dark Souls’ first boss, the Asylum Demon, has been defeated. Twitch Plays Dark Souls did it at last.

The groupthink effort has been at it for almost a week now, and after spending a great deal of time faffing about in menus and trying to drink from an empty Estus flask, it has now graduated from the tutorial. It’s even made it to Firelink Shrine. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider the complexity of controls and the difficulty of the game, it really is.

Flabbergasted naysayers can take comfort, though; Polygon reports the stream host has introduced an intermittent pause feature to help things along. The game’s action is frozen for several seconds immediately after every action, during which time commands are tallied, with the most popular one executing when the game unfreezes.

Cheating? Maybe, but the pausing feature doesn’t seem to be in effect all the time, and Kotaku reckons it’s just a frame rate issue. If so, the massive should hope things don’t improve.

Watch Twitch Plays Dark Souls’ significantly accelerated progress below.

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