Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, August 14th

By Shane McCafferty, Thursday, 13 August 2015 22:06 GMT

Spiders, soccer players, monkeys and samurai! Here are the best new games for your iPhone and iPad this week.


The best PAID iOS games this week

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon – $4.99 (iPad, iPhone)

The follow up to the Apple Game of the Year award winner, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, this is more narrative-driven puzzling of the very highest order. You play as a spider using webs to capture insects while along the way unraveling the story behind the mysterious abandoned mansion the game plays out in.

Trigonarium – $1.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Trigonarium is a twin stick shooter. Trigonarium is a bloody good twin stick shooter. Made by the same developer as the fantastic Drift’n’Drive, this is mobile blasting done well, with rock solid 60fps action and full MFi controller support. Trigonarium launched with 2 arcade campaigns and has just been updated with another. A must buy for twin stick shooter fans.

Gunpowder – $2.99 (iPad)

Gunpowder is a blowing things up puzzle game (surely the best type of puzzle game). You’re given a limited supply of explosive objects to place on the level in order to destroy certain targets. It’s all executed extremely well and the western themed cartoon style presentation is excellent. Definitely one for puzzle fans.

The best FREE iOS games this week

Score! Hero (iPad, iPhone)

Score! World Goals came out a couple of years ago and the unusual turn based reliving of classic goals was a big hit. Score! Hero is the follow up. This time round the game follows the career of a single player through 200+ levels of turn based footie action. It’s a very enjoyable, and unusual, implementation of soccer on a mobile device.

Sling Kong (iPad, iPhone)

Cross Angry Birds with Doodle Jump and you have Sling Kong. To play you sling one of a collection of cute animals from peg to peg on a randomly generated vertical stage. Get as far as you can to earn coins and unlock more animals. It’s all very daft, and good fun.

Samurai Blitz (iPad, iPhone)

Samurai Blitz is a horizontal runner with a pixelated samurai theme. In addition to running and jumping, by tapping the left of the screen, a tap of the right of the screen swipes your sword to take out one of the incoming enemies. The touch controls work well, the graphics are charming, and there’s a great combo system. Worth a swipe.

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