Batman: Arkham Knight – Gunrunner

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29 June 2015 16:47 GMT

This epic mission has you destroying The Penguin’s weapons caches around Gotham City.


Batman: Arkham Knight – Gunrunner

  • This unlocks at Chapter 3 and continues in Chapter 5
  • You need to find and destroy all The Penguin’s weapons caches
  • Most Wanted Villain: The Penguin
  • You’ll be rewarded with 13 Upgrade Points

Chapter 3: Kingston, Harold’s Repair, Miagani Island

When Batman meets up with Nightwing you’ll hear of Penguin’s gun smuggling operation. Fight off the six thugs and then fire the Disruptor at the van and knock on the door so they drive away. You’re not able to use the Batmobile here, so follow them through the city using the grapple and gliding until you reach the first cache.

You need to get inside the building using the rooftop, but it’s heavily guarded. Get high, then use the Disruptor to disarm three enemies, which should give you time to get behind the three sentry guns and disable them. Now finish the last three guards off.

Enter the building using the hatch, sliding down the grate to ground level. Confront The Penguin, then it’s time to fight 20 of his henchmen. Use the Dual Team Takedown with Nightwing to liven things up a little.

Now go over to the vault and use the explosive gel on the highlighted crate. When you leave the building you’ll be ambushed, but the easiest way to deal with these goons is to call the Batmobile and drive to the top floor of the parking lot across the street. From here you can take down the sentry guns and other enemies.

Chapter 5: Sionis Industries, Bleak Island

When you leave Stagg’s Airship at the start of Chapter 5 choose the Gunrunner mission select and talk to Nightwing. When you have the location of the truck, use the Disruptor’s Tracker ammo on the back door and follow it to Sionis Industries.

At the southwest corner of the building open the door and use the Remote Hacking Device on the console to open the main gate. If you switch to the Batmobile Remote you can take down the two gun turrets using the Heavy Cannon.

On the left is a hatch you can grapple and then use the switch on the wall to open the shutters on the roof. Grapple to the roof and drop down into the room below to deal with the enemies. Again, you can team up with Nightwing to break a few heads, then use the Explosive Gel on the crate.

Chapter 5: The Grinning Fishmonger in Lower Tier, Founder’s Island

Once you’ve dropped Poison Ivy off at the Botanical Gardens, choose the Gunrunner mission and you’ll get the truck’s location. Take down the thugs near the vehicle, then hit it with a Tracker and follow it back to the cache.

Perform a Silent Takedown on the sniper at the small balcony, then climb the steps and slide down the vent to enter the building. You’re below seven enemies here. Use the Explosive Gel on the weak wall, which should take out some thugs. You can deal with the rest yourself, then remove the vent cover on the side wall. Climb inside and follow the path to a room with thugs. Beat them up, use more Explosive Gel on the weapons crate and get the hell out of there.

Chapter 5: Below Chinatown, Sewers, Bleake Island

Once you’ve dissipated the Fear Toxin, select the Gunrunner mission for a new truck location. Deal with any thugs here, then use the Tracker to follow the truck until your path is blocked. Take down the soldiers here, then climb the walkway above to use the control panel and lower the blockade.

Use the Batmobile remotely and face the right wall. Fire the Power Winch at the anchor point and create a hole, then head inside. You’ll have to fight a bunch of goons but you have Nightwing with you. Once they are all taken care of, use the Explosive Gel on the crate, get outside and detonate the weapons.

Chapter 5: Otisburg, Amertek Building, Founders’ Island

Alfred will use Nightwing’s Tracker to find him and give you a location. When you get to the Amertek Building grapple to the Opening Soon sign. You can’t use your Detective Mode here. Firstly, take out the sniper below, then watch for guards on the rooftop. Once you’ve taken them down, take the cover off the yellow control box and drop down the elevator shaft. Ride the elevator down until you find Nightwing and The Penguin.

Use your Remote Hacking Device to disable the Gun Turret here, then move the vent on the far wall and follow it to the floor. Head past Nightwing then move out from behind the weak wall and save him.

Between you and Nightwing you can take down all the thugs here. Now use the Explosive Gel on the main vault and close the door. When The Penguin takes Nightwing hostage take him down together. You can now detonate the last weapons cache and hand The Penguin over to the GCPD, where you wil get an extra three Upgrade Points.

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